14 Feb 2017, 00:00

Machinelearning resources from Devopsdays Oslo 2017


At Devopsdays Oslo 2017, there was a discussion about machine learning at one of the one of the openspace sessions. I made some notes from the session, and put it into a gist that I shared on twitter. This is essentially that gist, so not much editing here.

machine learning resources, from Devopsdays Oslo open spaces session

Thanks to @HannahFoxwell for the following links:

some more resources

Using tensorflow with WebRTC: https://webrtchacks.com/webrtc-cv-tensorflow/

Two interesting podcasts episodes about the ethics of AI:

(By the way, I recommend both those podcasts)

Who will be the first to loose their jobs to robots? Dilbert

Kubernetes, jupyter notebooks + tensorflow: Kubeflow