My old blog wasn’t updated in a long while, and I have planned to move from Jekyll to Hugo for a long while, so I finally set up everything.. I’m actually not sure where the source for my old blog is, but if I find it, I might republish some older stuff. And I have planned to publish more content soon.

I’m currently using the purehugo theme, because I like the simplicity and the look. But there is a few things I miss, so I might change that in the future.

Of course I couldn’t stick with my first theme for more than one day, so I’m experimenting with others. I’m currently using a modified Jane theme. I Also like the Story theme, I might try that out soon as well. While it seems to be a lot of good themes for Hugo, a lot of them are not maintained, so that limits the options a bit. Anyways, I’ll make sure to keep the About section updated with the current info about what I use.

The site is hosted on github pages, with cloudflare in front for SSL certs. A nice thing about the setup is that everything is very easy to set up, and free for personal blogs. How I set everything up might be a topic for a future blog post!